Upcoming Experiences

May 23rd and 24th:
The Endless Sea, Episode One: Wreckage

An Episodic Immersive Experience by Kimberly Flynn and Haley Roth-Brown

Epic Artists Kimberly Flynn and Haley Roth-Brown have created the pilot episode of a new episodic immersive series for Underland. Begin your journey with this initial pilot prologue, as you piece together clues to your past, learn about the characters you will meet in future episodes, make offerings to the oracle -- and try not to offend the gods.

Tickets are $20 for a 60-minute experience.

May 25th and 26th:
Apollo's Apostles

An Immersive Drag Experience by Resident Chris Steele

The Society for Queer Preservation is back at Underland for another immersive drag experience. 90 minutes. 15 dollars. Provacative, experiential, and drag-tastic. Join us! Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle For this month's induction, the Society delves into the deep-rooted mythologies at the core of queerness. Breathing new life into the stories that have shaped our cultural perception of queerness, the Society will lead the audience through an evening in honor of all things queer and ancient.

Tickets are $15 for a 90-minute experience.

May 31st to June 2nd, 2019:
The Liminal House of the Adjudicate

An Immersive Experience by Resident Janet Howe

We at Underland are excited to host London-based director Janet Howe's San Francisco debut! We first met Janet at the Paris Immersive Creation Challenge that Epic Immersive created in France with Madame Lupin, and we've been looking for an opportunity to bring them to San Francisco ever since. Janet will be bringing an international crew out to San Francisco for this new experience, created exclusively for Underland.

Tickets are $25 for a 60-minute experience.

June 10th, 17th, and 24th:

The Hit Epic Immersive Experience

Epic's hit, sold-out Wonderland experience returns for 3 Mondays in June! Through Alice's fireplace is the entrance to a secret world of magic, wonder, and danger -- full of new friends and strange enemies. Three guests at a time plunge down the rabbit hole for the trip of a lifetime. At Wonderland, guests slide down into a magical universe, where they encounter the Cheshire Cat, play with Tweedles, have tea with the Mad Hatter, evade the Red Queen, and try to escape with their heads! Tickets for Wonderland are $75 and go on sale on Wednesday, May 22nd. There are just 54 tickets available for the entire run, and they are expected to go quickly. Join our Alert List to get access to tickets at 10am, two hours before the general public! There is another way to get early access to tickets -- and to even get them at a steal! We are bringing Wonderland back as part of our Underland incubator program, a member-supported private immersive club that hosts residencies for immersive artists who are women, queer, trans, and people of color. (As part of this initiative, the entire cast of this run of Wonderland is women, queer, trans, and artists of color.) Underland members get access to tickets now, and get tickets for just $45! Underland members pay $25/month to get exclusive access to immersive experiences and social events, so if you join and get a Wonderland ticket, your membership has already paid for itself! Learn more here, and join today!

June 14th and 15th:
Prix Fixe

An Escape Room by resident Shuai Chen

Join us at Underland for our first ever Escape Room experience! Prix Fixe is a pop-up created just for Underland by a team from Gr8er Good Games, led by resident Shuai Chen. Gr8er Good Games is a San Francisco based company that creates custom-designed scavenger hunts, pop-up escape rooms, and murder mystery games. Shuai and the events that the Gr8er Good Games team have hosted have been featured on CNN, ABC, Broke Ass Stuart, Hoodline, SF Funcheap, and more.

Past Experiences

March 29th:
You Consume Me

An Open-World, Choreographic Experience by Residents Emily Beloate and Maya Singer

"You Consume Me" is a movement-based Immersive theatre piece based on the ways in which love can manifest itself and change at any moment in time. How does time affect our relationships? The moment of acknowledgment between strangers? The friendship that becomes consummate love? Two people who were past lovers but will never see each other again? We experience love in all its forms, both trying and inspiring. Do we let our relationships consume us in the best way possible- or the worst? Tickets are $35 for an hourlong experience.

April 3rd:
Tearoom Chika (地下)

A Reimagining of a Traditional Tea Ceremony by Residents Alax Waxman, Miwa Masuda, and Linda Green

Tearoom Chika is hard to find. Hidden beneath the thud and wail of a jazz club; tucked inside a dilapidated former opium lounge; cats gather amid bunky crates and reed blinds for Cha-No-Yu. Underland is beyond thrilled to be hosting this new riff on a Japanese tea ceremony. This interactive, sensory experience will delight you, immersive you in culture, and engage your senses of taste and touch. Tickets are $10.

April 6th:
San Francisco Bellydance Theater & Friends in Underland

An Evening Salon of Bellydancing and Music by Resident Larissa Archer

Join Underland and Resident Larissa Archer for our first-ever salon, promising an evening of dance, music, and visual splendor. Tickets are $25 for members and members' guests ($40 for non-members).

April 12th & 13th:
The Monster in the Heart of the Maze

An Adventure into the Labyrinth by Resident Haley Roth-Brown

At the heart of the labyrinth, there is a monster. Venture deep below the earth, into secret depths plumbed only by a girl, a ball of string, and a mighty warrior from across the sea. Follow the trail Ariadne has laid, and do not stray -- the only way out is through. At the heart of the labyrinth, there is a monster. Be wary. Be strong. You must face it if you are ever to return. Underland presents The Monster in the Heart of the Maze, a queer immersive adaptation of the Greek legend of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth by Underland Resident and Epic Artist Haley Roth-Brown. In this half-hour experience, you'll journey into the labyrinth and follow the thread to find the monster deep within... Tickets are $18 for a half-hour experience.

April 15th:
Twin Flames

A Musical Experience by Tribal Baroque

Tribal Baroque, comprised of Thoth (countertenor/violinist) and Lila'Angelique (coloratura soprano/violinist) transport audiences into otherworldly realms of mystery and fantasy by combining their eerie vocal harmonies with violin and foot percussion. As Twin Flames, they weave a fusion of galactric tribal alien love stories in an imagined language. A uniquely original exploration through Underland in sound, movement and art that is not to be missed. Tickets are $10 for an hourlong experience.

April 22nd:
The Racket

A Neo-Noir Game of Murder & Intrigue by Hoax Studio

Part parlor game, part theater piece, part rat race, The Racket invites guests into the opening scene of their favorite Noir film, then turns the plotting over to them. Furnished with a new profession, competitors must navigate an underground party where deals are made in back rooms, black markets blossom, and everyone is competing to have the most money at the end of the night. Tickets are $25 for Underland Members.

April 27th:
The Gravermind Estate

A Haunting World of Black-and-White by Resident Shelli Frew

You are cordially invited for an evening demonstration of a new invention built by the esteemed Doctor Ash Gravermind and her wife, Madame Isabell Gravermind. This most fantastical machine will allow the users to communicate with spirits, ghosts, and others of the here after. Guests will also be permitted to test Doctor Gravermind’s helper automatons. Guests will be invited into the fantastical and strange home of Doctor and Madame Gravermind. The home, filled with secret doors and hidden rooms, was designed to appease the ghosts and spirits who congregate around the Madame, a renown spiritualist and medium. The house also contains the Doctor’s wondrous inventions, automatons, and robots built to assist the couple. But all is not well, as an accident with the Doctor’s latest invention has put everyone in the house in danger. It will be up to the guests to help save the day and set things to right. Tickets are $45 for an hourlong experience.

April 29th & 30th:

An Immersive Drag Experience by Resident Chris Steele

Fresh off the heels of Underland's successful debut immersive drag experience, The Society for Queer Preservation is back with an all-new jouney for April. Join the Society on an Ovidian journey of transformation. Contemplating the repression, discovery, and celebration of one's queerness, the Society invites you to join them for an immersive drag show like no other. Tickets are $15 for a 90-minute experience.

May 10th, 11th, and 12th:

An Intimate Immersive Experience by Resident Annie Lesser

Epic Immersive is proud to present the San Francisco debut of one of our favorite immersive auteurs from the Los Angeles scene, Annie Lesser of the ABC Project! Famed for the harrowing A(partment 8) and her multi-genre, site-specific work and intimately emotional writing, Annie has created a new experience for Underland that takes a deeply personal and challenging look at her relationship with her own mother. Join us this Mother's Day weekend for what promises to be a profoundly moving, evocative, and intimate immersive experience for an audience of one! Baby/Mine is a poetic dark ride through parental narcissism as well as parent/child enmeshment.

Tickets are $40 for a 60-minute experience.