The Liminal House of the Adjudicate

An Immersive Experience

May 31st to June 2nd, 2019

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The Liminal House of the Adjudicate

We at Underland are excited to host London-based director Janet Howe's San Francisco debut! We first met Janet at the Paris Immersive Creation Challenge that Epic Immersive created in France with Madame Lupin, and we've been looking for an opportunity to bring them to San Francisco ever since. Janet will be bringing an international crew out to San Francisco for this new experience, created exclusively for Underland.

The Liminal House of the Adjudicate

We’re so glad you’ve finally made it. We’ve been waiting a lifetime for you. Descend through time and space on your way to the hereafter. As you journey beyond the veil, the Adjudicate has a laid out ritual tests of truth and value to see how your life measures up. Can you tip the scales to win favor? Come play this hour long interactive experience led by international immersive theatre director/creator Janet K Howe (London), written by Kaitlin Gilgenbach (Los Angeles), and starring Shaina Shrooten (Chicago). This international team is bringing you a personalized experience that is to die for.

Tickets are $25 for Underland members and $40 for non-members.

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About Janet Howe:

Janet K Howe is a London based, international immersive, interactive, and site-specific director, creator, consultant, and producer. Since 2012, Janet has served as Co-Artistic director with (re)discover theatre in Chicago, producing eighteen shows, eight large events, and ongoing programing. Janet's background in dance and design creates highly visual and multi-sensory experiences. Currently, Janet is studying immersive theatre in London with leading immersive theatre scholar Josephine Machon, focusing on accessibility in immersive forms. Janet has trained with Punchdrunk, Third Rail Projects, The Neo Futurist, Frantic Assembly, and has worked with Blast Theory.

About Underland:

Underland is a new immersive club and incubator by Epic Immersive: a new home for experimental, experiential creations in the San Francisco Bay with a focus on elevating artists from underrepresented backgrounds and changing the face of the industry.

Underland immersive space grants to women, queer artists, and artists color -- giving artists without adequate representation the space to explore, develop new work, and tell stories that are too often unheard.

How it Works:

Club members pay $25/month and get exclusive access to new experiences and experiments at below market rates ($15-$55).

The Liminal House of the Adjudicate: An Immersive Experience is available exclusively to Underland members. To join, enter your name here and our Membership Concierge will be in touch to get you started!

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