You Consume Me

A Movement-Based Open World Immersive Experience

Available Exclusively to Underland Members and Guests

March 29th at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, 2019

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You Consume Me

Underland presents You Consume Me, a new, open-world, choreographic immersive experience by up-and-coming directors Emily Beloate and Maya Singer.

"You Consume Me" is a movement-based Immersive theatre piece based on the ways in which love can manifest itself and change at any moment in time. How does time affect our relationships? The moment of acknowledgment between strangers? The friendship that becomes consummate love? Two people who were past lovers but will never see each other again? We experience love in all its forms, both trying and inspiring. Do we let our relationships consume us in the best way possible- or the worst?

About Emily Beloate

Originally from the Seattle area, Emily Beloate is new to the Bay Area scene. She holds her B.A. in Theatre with Minors in Dance and Communications from Whitworth University. She is a director, choreographer, and creator. Much of her work explores intertextual performance, which can include a meshing of two dance styles, the use of voice and breath in combination with choreography, or the use of props and text with dance to create an interwoven style of performance.With a passion for art that provokes critical thinking, inspires change, and connects people to one another, Emily’s work emphasizes how the human body can be used to tell stories. She believes that theatre should create human connections to empathize how characters and stories connect on a deeper level. With the belief that art fosters empathetic connections between storyteller and audience, Emily dedicates her developing artistry to fostering this relationship.

About Maya Singer

Maya has been developing, devising, and directing immersive theatre and experiences in Boston for the last couple of years. She has worked on pieces about the affects of the Internet, religion, and history on human behavior in day to day life, with cast sizes ranging from 2 to 16 and creative teams ranging from 1 to 60. She has recently moved to San Francisco and is working with Epic Immersive to develop ideas for immersive theatre even further.

About Underland:

Underland is a new immersive club and incubator by Epic Immersive: a new home for experimental, experiential creations in the San Francisco Bay with a focus on elevating artists from underrepresented backgrounds and changing the face of the industry.

Underland immersive space grants to women, queer artists, and artists color -- giving artists without adequate representation the space to explore, develop new work, and tell stories that are too often unheard.

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About Underland

Original Work by Underland Resident Emily Beloate

Original Work by Underland Resident Emily Beloate

Original Work by Underland Resident Maya Singer

Original Work by Underland Resident Maya Singer

A drawing by WanJim Gim that inspired the project.

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