Twin Flames

An Evening Salon of Bellydancing and Music

Available to Underland Members and Guests

April 15th, 2019 | 8:00pm

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Twin Flames

We at Underland are so excited to announce a special $10 pop-up musical immersive experience, TWIN FLAMES, created by Lila'Angelique and Thoth of Tribal Baroque! Earlier this year, Resident Larissa Archer premiere San Francisco Bellydance Theater and Friends at Underland, an aesthetically stunning salon featuring gorgeous dance and musical, site-specific performance art, and interactive one-on-ones. We were absolutely taken with the music and performance of Tribal Baroque, and asked if they would be interested in their own evening at Underland. It turns out, they are about to hit the road for a tour for a few months, but had a couple of days in San Francisco first, so we'll be featuring them this Monday!

About Tribal Baroque

Tribal Baroque, comprised of Thoth (countertenor/violinist) and Lila'Angelique (coloratura soprano/violinist) transport audiences into otherworldly realms of mystery and fantasy by combining their eerie vocal harmonies with violin and foot percussion. As Twin Flames, they weave a fusion of galactric tribal alien love stories in an imagined language. A uniquely original exploration through Underland in sound, movement and art that is not to be missed.

About Underland:

Underland is a new immersive club and incubator by Epic Immersive: a new home for experimental, experiential creations in the San Francisco Bay with a focus on elevating artists from underrepresented backgrounds and changing the face of the industry.

Underland immersive space grants to women, queer artists, and artists color -- giving artists without adequate representation the space to explore, develop new work, and tell stories that are too often unheard.

How it Works:

Club members pay $25/month and get exclusive access to new experiences and experiments at below market rates ($15-$55).

Twin Flames: An Immersive Experience is available exclusively to Underland members. To join, enter your name here and our Membership Concierge will be in touch to get you started!

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About Underland

Tribal Baroque

Tribal Baroque

Tribal Baroque

Tribal Baroque

Tribal Baroque

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