The Gravermind Estate

An Immersive World in Black and White

Available Exclusively to Underland Members and Guests

April 27th, 2019 | 7:00pm and 8:30pm

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The Gravermind Estate

You are cordially invited for an evening demonstration of a new invention built by the esteemed Doctor Ash Gravermind and her wife, Madame Isabell Gravermind. This most fantastical machine will allow the users to communicate with spirits, ghosts, and others of the here after. Guests will also be permitted to test Doctor Gravermind’s helper automatons.

Guests will be invited into the fantastical and strange home of Doctor and Madame Gravermind. The home, filled with secret doors and hidden rooms, was designed to appease the ghosts and spirits who congregate around the Madame, a renown spiritualist and medium. The house also contains the Doctor’s wondrous inventions, automatons, and robots built to assist the couple. But all is not well, as an accident with the Doctor’s latest invention has put everyone in the house in danger. It will be up to the guests to help save the day and set things to right.

Immersive junkies may want to check out this experience multiple times, as guests will never see the same show twice. The show will feature darkness, crawling, and a pinch of horror. Accommodations can be made with advance notice for those who are claustrophobic or unable to crawl.

About Shelli Frew

Underland Resident Shelli Frew is an Epic artist, circus performer, and published author. A talented writer and actor, Shelli has created and originated a number of Epic's fan favorite roles, including Francesca in The Infernal Motel, The Red Queen in Wonderland, and Eddie in Neverland. Shelli recently played the role of Strange Associate when the Epic Immersive team joined Alice & Smith to create the immersive finale of the Alternate Reality Game 'Tender' that launched Paradox Interactive's new video game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. Her first novel, Time Sailors, a time-travel thriller, was published this past year by Ink Smith Publishing.

About Underland:

Underland is a new immersive club and incubator by Epic Immersive: a new home for experimental, experiential creations in the San Francisco Bay with a focus on elevating artists from underrepresented backgrounds and changing the face of the industry.

Underland immersive space grants to women, queer artists, and artists color -- giving artists without adequate representation the space to explore, develop new work, and tell stories that are too often unheard.

How it Works:

Club members pay $25/month and get exclusive access to new experiences and experiments at below market rates ($15-$55).

The Gravermind Estate: An Immersive Experience is available exclusively to Underland members. To join, enter your name here and our Membership Concierge will be in touch to get you started!

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About Underland

Director Shelli Frew in Black and White

Director Shelli Frew in Epic's 'Neverland'

Fan Art of Shelli Frew from Alice & Smith's "Tender" ARG

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