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What is Stacked Reality?

Stacked Reality combines room-scale Virtual Reality with live actors, real environments, and immersive frame stories to create mind-blowing experiences.

Immersive Environments

With Stacked Reality, your journey into an alternate reality begins before you ever even put your headset on. Your experience begins when you step into a real-life immersive setting that transports you into a fictional world you can see and touch.

Human-Driven Cues

Imagine blowing out a virtual candle with your real breath, or jumping dimensions with a verbal command. In Stacked Reality, live actors take cues from the player, enabling magical moments that software alone can't produce.

Interactive Frame Stories

In Stacked Reality, putting on a VR headset is never about wearing a piece of gaming equipment to play a game. Instead, players don devices to dive inside a live actor's memory, or night vision goggles to explore a real-life submarine The VR experience is always contextualized and enhanced by the real-world story surrounding it.

Mixed Reality

Stacked Reality experiences feature physical, touch-based interactions with tactile environments and tracked props that you keep you active and present -- mixed with the human connection supplied by live actors.

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"When Epic Immersive came to Google, we were blown away by the experience. Unforgettable. Transformative. Unique."

- Izzy Parkinson, Tilt Brush Community Manager

Who is Epic Immersive?

Epic Immersive designs large-scale immersive theatre experiences. We tell stories by creating live, physical fictional universes and alternate realities filled with actors and stories for guests to navigate.

Step into a Dream World

100+ actors. Fourteen-acre fictional towns. Underground secret societies. Sprawling 1907 World's Fairs and 1920's City Blocks. Opera singers, brass bands, taiko drummers, hip hop artists, ballet folklorico dancers, aerialists, working 1920's trolleys, and circus perfomers -- all teaming up together to build enormous, powerful fictional universes. These are the ingredients for Epic's ground-breaking immersive events.

Playgrounds for the Imagination

Epic Immersive's guests have explored 14-acre fictional cities, navigated World's Fairs, snuck into 1920's speakeasies, infiltrated secret societies, danced at a masquerade ball in a world that mashed up the French Revolution with Silicon Valley, caught rides on trolleys traveling back in time, plunged down slides into underground wonderlands, and explored tunnels of memory.

Storytelling in 360

Epic Immersive has always excelled at telling live stories in 360 degrees. Now, we are working to seamlessly integrate Virtual Reality within breathtaking live experiences.

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Where can I experience Stacked Reality?

SubZERO Festival

At San Jose's SubZERO Festival, Epic Immersive debuted two Stacked Reality experiences in the backs of box trucks. Each experience was booked solid from 7pm to midnight on each night of the festival.

Stacked Reality Arcade

This fall, at a secret location in San Francisco, Epic Immersive is premiering a half-hour Stacked Reality experience, featuring two Mixed Reality experiences in an undeground wonderland.

Stacked Reality in Immersive Theatre

This winter, Epic Immersive is deploying four Stacked Reality experiences as part of our immersive theatrical experience When We Awaken. Over the course of a ninety minute immersive experience through a Victorian mansion in the early 1900s, each guest will be pulled away for multiple Stacked Reality experiences, where the HTC Vive is disguised as Victorian-era medical equipment provoking memories, hallucinations, and dream states.

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"Everything immersive theatre should be."

- Materials Scientist, SpaceX

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"No two people live the same life, and no two people have the same Epic Immersive experience. It's the future of theatre."

- Product Manager, Google