Enter the Multiverse!

The Immersive Party Experience

Saturday, June 8th 2019 (San Francisco, CA) -- The first-ever San Francisco ENTER THE MULTIVERSE debuts at ONEDOME, the premier immersive arts venue in downtown SF.

Onedome will kick off the summer season with by opening up the doors to its two-floor, massive immersive venue for a one-night-only spectacular, crafted by some of San Francisco’s leading immersive creators.

The location already features luscious waterfalls and rivers, trees and forests, hobbit homes and bridges, towering Dragon statues, interactive mushrooms, and an underground labyrinth of digital art featuring 14 interactive, themed rooms that bring some of the best digital art across the world to San Francisco and manifest Burning Man’s playa right on Market Street.

Now, those beautiful locations will come to vivid life, filled with everything from mermaids to live music, as a multiverse of aesthetics collides. Guests will explore fantasy lands of faeries, mermaids, and goblins, surrounded by thick jungle. They’ll navigate Edwardian characters in a black-and-white dimension, sip tea with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, jump and jive to the sounds of the roaring twenties, unlock Victorian worlds of magic and mischief, toast with Rococo French aristocrats, take in circus and drag acts, and get lost in an electric futurescape.

Of course, two giant floors of interactive magic, installations, and experience will come together on the dance floor, where special guests will include Will Magid (Balkan Bump) and DJ Celeste featuring live violin from Shaina (Jazz Mafia). Many more artists and special guests from the San Francisco arts, performance, and mixed reality worlds will be announced in the coming weeks as worlds collide for this celebration of the weirdness and ecstatic creation that makes San Francisco one of the world’s cultural epicenters.

Guests are encouraged to do what San Francisco does best and come dressed to impress, in whatever aesthetic floats their boat, from the Roaring 20s to the Playa at Burning Man.

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