Your 2020 Holiday Party can still happen:

The Epic Drive-In Experience

Drive-In Movie. Immersive Experience. Themed Food & Drinks.

Created by Gatsby Entertainment, Epic Immersive, & Culinary Eye
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The Epic Drive-In Experience

Drive-In Movie. Immersive Experience. Themed Food & Drinks.

Your 2020 Holiday Party can still happen!

Gatsby Entertainment, Epic Immersive, and Culinary Eye have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind offering: a fully immersive cinematic experience, complete with a drive-in movie, live and experiential entertainment, and food-and-drink pairings. Get ready to enjoy an absolutely epic and unforgettable experience, all while maintaining physical distance and staying completely safe! 

We've got themes ranging from The Great Gatsby to Moulin Rouge to Alice in Wonderland.  

Imagine entering a Great Gatsby party by pulling up to our custom in-drive-in lot and being greeted by themed security. Once you give the speakeasy password, you get a parking spot and a themed gift basket. Then, you'll pull forward through a procession of live vignettes and spectacle designed to whet your appetite for the cinematic world in store. As you arrive, picture a big band orchestra and legions of flappers dancers, as interactive characters make the rounds between cars and your first course is delivered by themed servers. In front of you are gigantic LED video walls, welcoming you with custom branding. Roaming greeters and entertainment can interact with guests and even offer custom branded concessions such as popcorn, swag, and sweets! 

After a 1 hour welcoming cocktail hour, a welcome speech by the hosts, and a series of spectacular performances, the movie begins on the big screen with a complete line array sound. Then, after the movie, get ready for a physically-distanced dance party (in your car or around it) as a DJ kicks off, flappers groove, and dessert is served. A 20x20 drive up step and repeat car photo booth opens for guests to experience and have a take home memory of the event upon exit. 


Our package includes: 

  • 1 10x16 led video wall per 50 cars
  • Line array sound throughout the space
  • A live band (like our 7 piece Roaring 20's Band Joe Mag and the Kool Kats)
  • 4 themed dancers (like flappers or can-can dancers)
  • Themed roaming servers with 1 box meal per guest.
  • Themed concessions from roaming interactive entertainment (like cigarette girls).
  • Roaming immersive entertainment and interactive characters, like mobsters, magicians, pickpockets, flappers, tarot card readers, and key characters from the film.
  • 2 security guards per 20 cars for check in and security. 
  • 1 themed dessert per guest.

    Many additions are possible! Just ask, and we can make it happen. Want jaw-dropping stage performances, live reenactments, experiential puzzles and mysteries, classic cars, blankets, or lawn chairs? We can make it all happen.

"When Epic Immersive came to Google, we were blown away by the experience. Unforgettable. Transformative. Unique."

- Izzy Parkinson, Tilt Brush Community Manager

The Team

Culinary Eye

When I started Culinary Eye Catering and Events in 2010, I did it with a love of food and a want to produce delicious and creatively unique shared experiences. This is why we are a catering team rather than a restaurant. Having a background in kitchens and an education in interactive art and psychology, I’ve built a team whose goal is to take care of our clients and create memorable moments at each one of our events. We are chefs, artists, designers, logistics minds and much more. In total, we’re caterers because we don’t believe in fixed menus or fixed formats. We are caterers because we believe that customer service can be tied to creativity and by combining the two you come up with something that is not only exceptional but that can be uniquely yours.

Allow us to help you create your next moment. - John Silva, Founder

Epic Immersive

Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences where story, spectacle, and interaction deliver transcendent, awe-inspiring journeys.

Epic Immersive has created immersive experiences with 14-acre real-world fictional cities and 100+ actors, crafted immersive journeys in China and Paris, built city-scale cultural and civic festivals, and designed experiences for Silicon Valley companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

At Epic's imaginative events, guests have plunged through slides in fireplaces into underground wonderlands, crawled through Dante Alighieri’s vaults, descended into replica London Underground stations, launched into mixed reality experiences from inside of Victorian mansions, and joined masquerades from revolutionary France on the docks of San Francisco.

Masters of partnerships, Epic has worked with a diverse slate of artists including taiko drummers, hip-hop artists, Ballet Folklorico dancers, ASMR specialists, escape room designers, mixed reality developers, swing dancers, and circus performers.

Gatsby Entertainment

Welcome to Gatsby Entertainment, the Bay Area’s newest and most exciting entertainment movement for private, social and corporate events. Gatsby Entertainment provides DJs, bands, live music, variety artists, lighting, photo booths and more. Gatsby Entertainment is committed to bringing the absolute best in entertainment and enhancements to your event. As your personal entertainment consultants, we will guide you from start to finish to ensure your event is flawless.

"When Epic Immersive came to Google, we were blown away by the experience. Unforgettable. Transformative. Unique."

- Izzy Parkinson, Tilt Brush Community Manager