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We Are Epic

Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences where story, spectacle, and interaction deliver transcendent, awe-inspiring journeys.

100+ actors. Seven-acre fictional towns. Underground secret societies. Sprawling 1907 World's Fairs and 1920's City Blocks. Opera singers, brass bands, taiko drummers, hip hop artists, ballet folklorico dancers, aerialists, working 1920's trolleys, and circus perfomers -- all teaming up together to build enormous, powerful fictional universes. These are the ingredients for Epic's ground-breaking immersive events. And, in 2017, we're integrating live room-scale virtual reality and augmented reality experiences into our immersive fictions to create one-of-a-kind, all-new experiences.

Today, you can see Epic's sold-out hit The Infernal Motel, now playing in San Francisco. Or, join us for The Immersive Design Summit, where we'll be hosting the world's top immersive experience designers.

"When Epic Immersive came to Google, we were blown away by the experience. Unforgettable. Transformative. Unique."

- Izzy Parkinson, Tilt Brush Community Manager


A New Adventure Down the Rabbit Hole

Now Playing Through April!

Alice had her turn. Now it's yours.

Through Alice's fireplace is the entrance to a secret world of magic, wonder, and danger -- full of new friends and strange enemies. Three guests at a time plunge down the rabbit hole for the trip of a lifetime.

Wonderland lasts for sixty minutes, with nine tickets available every hour. Note: Wonderland features moments of crawling and darkness and is not recommended for guests with claustrophobia or mobility issues.

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Welcome to the Island

Previews Begin June 1st

Epic has a brand new experience coming up. At a brand new secret location. With new environments to explore, secret passageways to enter, and legends to dive into.

This June, join us and embark on a journey to Neverland. You'll fly to an island in the midst of war, with Pan nowhere to be found. Prepare to evade sirens, charm pirates, find shelter underground, explore dark forests, and unravel a mystery as haunting and enigmatic as time itself.

You'll find the portal to Neverland within a block of Civic Center and Market Street, at an all-new spot where we've created our island. Just a few guests at a time will soar off to Neverland. The first previews of Neverland are coming on June 1st. Make sure to join the Neverland Early-Access List to be first in line for tickets! Tickets will go on sale this Tuesday, May 15th...

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"Epic Immersive understands this new burgeoning category of entertainment like few others."

- Brent Bushnell, CEO of Two Bit Circus

Company Parties

Your Company is Epic.

Let's Throw You an Epic Party.

Companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have come to Epic Immersive to throw them Epic events.

"When Epic Immersive came to Google, we were blown away by the experience. Unforgettable. Transformative. Unique." - Izzy Parkinson, Community Manager for Tilt Brush at Google

"Beautifully crafted... Our investors said it was the best party thrown by a startup that they had been to." - Lonnie Rae, CEO of Medal

We use the same techniques we use in immersive experiences to deliver unforgettable, one-of-a-kind custom parties. We build environments that you can lose yourself in, like 1920's speakeasies, Studio 54, circuses, casino, art parties, and more. Then, we pack them to the brim with interactive entertainers: caricaturists, contortionists, dancers, and more. Throw in some of the best DJs and live bands in San Francisco, and you've got a recipe for a party like you've never experienced before, tailored to match your budget. Let's get started today on custom-designing an Epic party for you!

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"Meticulously planned and expertly executed, The Infernal Motel is a worthy addition to a resume already packed with many of the city’s most noteworthy and successful immersive enterprises."

- SF Weekly

The Immersive Design Summit

A Gathering of the Immersive Universe

In January of 2018, for the very first time ever, the immersive universe gathered in San Francisco at The Immersive Design Summit, a creation of Epic Immersive, No Proscenium, and The Adventure Design Group. The Summit featured Diana Williams (Content Strategist at Lucasfilm's Story Group, which keeps the Star Wars canon, and Cofounder of ILMxLab), Curtis Hickman (Cofounder of The Void), Colin Nightingale (Creative Producer for Punchdrunk International and part of the team that brought Sleep No More to New York and Shanghai), Sara Thacher (Creative Lead for Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development), Vince Kadlubek (CEO of Meow Wolf), Yelena Rachitsky (Executive Producer for Oculus), Brent Bushnell (CEO of Two Bit Circus), and more.

Stay tuned for news about The Immersive Design Summit in 2019!

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"Everything immersive theatre should be."

- Materials Scientist, Space-X

Epic Team-Building

Your Team is Epic. Play like it!

Want your next event to be Epic? We custom design corporate parties, team-building events, weddings, and more to transport you and your team to imaginative new worlds. We can create events for a wide variety of price points with everything from live music to gambling to custom cocktails to circus acts to musicians to walkabout actors to virtual and augmented reality.

"Beautifully crafted... Our investors said it was the best party thrown by a startup that they had been to." - Lonnie Rae, CEO of Medal

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