We make unforgettable live experiences.

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We Are Epic

Epic Immersive designs innovative live events, where story, spectacle, and interaction deliver transcendent, awe-inspiring journeys.

We create large-scale experiences rooted in history which feature casts where the majority of the artists are women and ethnic minorities. We build theatre that utilizes all art forms to create unforgettable, multidisciplinary events. Our past work has included hundred-person casts including actors, opera singers, jazz bands, jazz singers, musicians, Ballet Folklorico dancers, military reenactors, aerialists, and more -- creating 360 worlds with unified narrative arcs. Together, we are building a 21st century coalition of theatre-goers.

Epic Immersive's artists have worked at Secret Cinema, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Speakeasy, HBO, and more.

Epic, Immersive Experiences

Step into ambitious, 360-degree worlds.

Inhabit thrilling fictions. Tour faraway lands.

And experience unforgettable storylines...

Past Work

Let's Get Epic

A 100-person cast. A multi-acre set. A brass band, an aerialist, a working trolley, a ballet folklorico troupe, a jazz duo.

At 2015's Matthew Briar and the Age of Resurrection, audiences stepped into three fully-interactive worlds — a World’s Fair, the Roaring 20’s, and a Depression-era camp — as they navigated the story of the invention of the ultimate disruptive technology: the ability to resurrect the recently dead. Underneath a glorious light tower, they found themselves surrounded by aerialists, ballet folklorico dancers, musicians, opera singers, and trolleys. There, they took part in the haunting story of the inventor Matthew Briar and the first woman brought back from the beyond: his fiance, Anna Marshall. In an onslought of dazzling interactive experiences, jaw-dropping performances, and intimate encounters, guests traced the tale of the citizens of San Jose as they experience disruption, elation, and resurrection in the midst of a town transformed forever by technology.

See What's in Store for 2016


Join us in the Bay Area's hidden spaces.

Underground Speakeasies, Secret Societies.

The 2016 Season

Epic Immersive takes San Francisco.

Ancien Regime at Fort Mason in September

The return of Matthew Briar this October

An-all new VR/AR/theatre piece this Winter

Plus, secret experiences in the Briar Universe

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Our Epic 2016

In 2016, Epic is bringing back its marquee experience, Matthew Briar and the Age of Resurrection, to History Park in San Jose.

We are creating an experience for Fort Mason in San Francisco, called Ancien Regime, which will place our audience in the midst of the dawn of the French Revolution as they visit parties in the Court of King Louis XVI, aid Lafayette in the American Revolution, wander around warehouses, and let loose with the poor artist of France -- all with a backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay.

We are bringing expansions of the Briar universe to a host of intimate locations for exclusive audiences, including a 1920s speakeasy in North Beach, a subterranean secret society, a San Francisco streetcar, the Peralta Adobe at San Pedro Market in San Jose, and more.

"No two people live the same life, and no two people have the same Epic Immersive experience. It's the future of theatre."

- Product Manager, Google

Our New Home

Thanks to History San Jose, Epic Immersive has a new permanent rehearsal space in downtown San Jose at The Fallon House, right across the street from San Pedro Market.

The Fallon House was once the home of Carmel and Thomas Fallon. Built in 1855 by one of San Jose's first mayors, it was once the tallest building in all of San Jose. Its residents were prominent members of South Bay society: Thomas Fallon was a frontiersman from the John C. Fremont expedition and part of the Bear Flag Revolt that won California its independence, while Carmel Fallon was the daughter of one of the richest Mexican landowners of the era.

And, of course, you can expect an Epic Immersive experience to come to this historic location. In late 2016 and early 2017, Epic will be bringing a hybrid event blending live immersive theatre with virtual reality and augmented reality to The Fallon House. A ticket announcement will come in late summer.

The Team

Epic Immersive's artists have worked at Secret Cinema, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Speakeasy, HBO, and more.