We create story-driven, 360-degree worlds.

Large-Scale Live Immersive Theatre

Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

Mixed Reality Events in Secret Spaces

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We Are Epic

Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences where story, spectacle, and interaction deliver transcendent, awe-inspiring journeys.

100+ actors. Seven-acre fictional towns. Underground secret societies. Sprawling 1907 World's Fairs and 1920's City Blocks. Opera singers, brass bands, taiko drummers, hip hop artists, ballet folklorico dancers, aerialists, working 1920's trolleys, and circus perfomers -- all teaming up together to build enormous, powerful fictional universes. These are the ingredients for Epic's ground-breaking immersive events. And, in 2017, we're integrating live room-scale virtual reality and augmented reality experiences into our immersive fictions to create one-of-a-kind, all-new experiences.

"No two people live the same life, and no two people have the same Epic Immersive experience. It's the future of theatre."

- Product Manager, Google

2017 in 360

In 2017, get ready to experience the intersection of live immersive theatre and room-scale virtual reality.

Epic will soon announce a ground-breaking immersive experience at a Victorian mansion, in which the guests will step into alternate dimensions and dream-scapes using the explosive capacities of the HTC Vive.

We'll be helping to define a new industry by working with IngeniusVR on a Mystery Box experience with Choose-Your-Own-Adventure 360 Films and an all-new steampunk mobile VR viewer.

We're also collaborating with world-renowned San Jose Taiko on two pieces that celebrate San Jose's Japantown, and returning to a subterranean secret society for a journey into the mind through mysterious doors.

"Everything immersive theatre should be."

- Materials Scientist, Space-X

You are Epic

Want your next event to be Epic? We custom design corporate parties, team-building events, weddings, and more to transport you and your team to imaginative new worlds. We can create events for a wide variety of price points with everything from live music to gambling to custom cocktails to circus acts to musicians to walkabout actors to virtual and augmented reality.

"Beautifully crafted... Our investors said it was the best party thrown by a startup that they had been to." - Lonnie Rae, CEO of Medal

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"Everything immersive theatre should be."

- Materials Scientist, Space-X